• Looking for an attractive place for active or passive relaxation?

  • Do you like mountains and water?

  • Looking for a way to even more evaluate your finances?

You found him. Direct your steps to MALADINOVO and trust experts.

Maladinovo is built on the northern shore of Liptovska Mara near Liptovsky Mikulas, in the immediate vicinity of the popular Aqua park Tatralandia, where a free ski bus runs to Jasna ski resort in winter.

Evaluate your finances by buying an apartment in the resort below Tatras - MALADINOVO. You can spend your free time there or have it earned. It is an investment without additional maintenance costs. Under the contract, MALADINOVO will pay instead of you all the costs of owning the apartment.

  • your profit from the investment is defined as the net revenue share of the entire company

  • the minimum annual yield is 6-12% (approx. 11% according to 2018 statistics)


Also Marián Labuda jr. conquered Liptov. MALADINOVO will become his new address for relaxing at Liptovská Mara. Also evaluate your finances by buying an apartment in the resort under the Tatras MALADINOVO. You can spend your free time there or have it earned. It is an investment without additional maintenance costs. On the basis of the contract, MALADINOVO will pay instead of the investor all costs related to the ownership of the apartment. Maladinovo is your right investment at Liptovská Mara


Maladinovo is a modern accommodation on the bank of Liptovská Mara with a restaurant, private wellness, organic market, beer bath, congress centre and other services. The resort boasts views of the Western Tatras, the Low Tatras, the High Tatras and Choč Mountains. Maladinovo will provide customers with high quality interior and exterior equipment as well as service standards. However, this level will not be subject to excessive prices. On the contrary, it will be achieved by the involvement of close associates, carefully selected enthusiasts of their field, whose customer satisfaction will be the biggest reward. The result of the effort will be a unique complex, which will not be seen as another accommodation in Liptov, but as a completely new type of attraction. At the same time, the use of Maladinovo services will not only be a privilege for accommodated guests, but also for all visitors and residents of the Liptov region.

With its strategy, Maladinovo will represent, directly support and contribute to the stability and prosperity of the entire Liptov region surrounded by the Tatra Mountains. The complete area of Maladinovo will be open before the summer season of 2020. The first part of the resort will open its doors in December 2019.

By investing in a Maladinovo apartment you will get much more than just a property. You will get new possibilities connected with Liptov.

Aj Mariána Labudu ml. si podmanil Liptov. MALADINOVO sa stane jeho novou adresou na oddych pri Liptovskej Mare. Zhodnoťte aj vy svoje financie kúpou apartmánového bytu v rezorte pod Tatrami MALADINOVO. Môžete v ňom tráviť voľný čas neobmedzene alebo ho nechať zarábať. Je to investícia bez ďalších udržiavacích nákladov. Na základe zmluvy bude rezort MALADINOVO za investora platiť všetky náklady spojené s vlastníctvom apartmánu. Maladinovo je vaša správna investícia pri Liptovskej Mare.


GoalTo build a nice complex with high quality interior equipment. Apartment houses Maladinovo will present luxury for reasonable prices. High quality accommodation will by completed by a good restaurant, private wellness, minimarket, congress centre and other services. The aim of this project is to supplement the lack of quality accommodation in Liptov region. We will also be involved in charity activities. The opening of the whole complex is set for July 2020.


StrategyThe success will be based on quality of all the provided services and on quality of the interior equipment with reasonable price for the offer. The customer must feel that he is getting the best he can for his money, in that region and that standard. Maladinovo has all the preconditions for this. From the architectonic design to professional team of people in every part of the company management. The most important job positions are already occupied.

Who are we? Working team of Maladinovo is composed of people, who have many years experience with projects like this. People who actively participated in aquapark Tatralandia construction are a part of the team. These days all the key positions in management and marketing are secured, including team in restaurant as well as the main operator. For the company Honesty s.r.o. there are external people working in graphics, marketing and quality control.


The investor of the project: Fimlux s.r.o., Honesty s.r.o.
General contractor of construction: BTB group, s.r.o.
Technical and construction supervision: Fimdeck, s.r.o., Subtech Unity s.r.o. Ing. Jozef Gonda, Ing. Arch. Boris Bartánus
Project leader: Ing. Pavol Tkáč
Communication representative: Bc. Katarína Ferjová
Marketing. Bc. Tereza Tkáčová
Design: Ing. Andrej Tkáč
Cooperating companies: Pivovar Bernard, a.s. (the first franchise in SR), Milan Sůkal, Butterfly s.r.o., Fimlux s.r.o.

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Company address

Honesty spol. s r.o. 

Palúčanská 121

031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš

Ing. Pavol Tkáč - 0911 553 373